Thursday, May 15, 2014

New and recent study about the most important skills you might need if you plan to work in Canada

Are you planning to work in Canada? If the answer is yes, then this new study from (online jobs search engine) might be just the one you were looking for in terms of increasing your chances of getting hired.

The following is the list of the 10 most popular (with the Canadian employers) buzzwords with the number of available jobs, average yearly salary and percent of total jobs. As it comes out, the top three winning competences are effectivenesscommunication skills and degree

But here is the whole list:

 BuzzwordsNumber of jobsAverage Salary (per annum)% of total jobs
Effective22,542CA$ 59,044.0025.62
Communication skills22,464CA$ 56,068.0025.53
Degree21,752CA$ 69,783.0024.72
Flexible14,103CA$ 48,308.0016.03
Results13,543CA$ 62,023.0015.39
Motivated13,063CA$ 56,061.0014.84
Problem solving12,225CA$ 51,802.0013.89
Innovative11,603CA$ 62,672.0013.19
Challenging11,246CA$ 66,113.0012.78
Qualified10,576CA$ 67,415.0012.02